Our Opportunity

The world’s Muslim population is expected to increase by 35 percent in the next twenty years, rising from 1.6 billion in 2010 to 2.2 billion in 2030. That percentage is twice the rate of growth in the non-Muslim population during the same period.

Yet Muslims are open to the Gospel. More people have come to Christ in every country in the Middle East in the last decade than in the last 1400 years combined! What is causing the foundations of Islam to crumble…now?

The world is home to over 7 billion people, of which over 42 percent are Internet users.

As the size and scope of the Internet continues to grow, everyone everywhere will soon be able to access cellular networks. As Christians, we can use this technology to bring about ETERNAL CHANGE in the hearts of Muslims throughout the world through the innovative use of the Internet, communicating the Good News through Christian satellite television, social media, and mobile phones.

As Muslims around the world increasingly become practitioners of this new technology, they too are communicating with others beyond their borders, searching for the truth. No longer isolated and controlled by their governments because of this new technology, Muslims are starting to think for themselves and to question the tenets of Islam….


Reaching Muslims for Christ
Exposing Islam

Al Hayat Ministries is ECFA Certified

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