Prayer Line Ministry

Rachid 175This personal ministry has over fifty volunteers spread out all over the world who handle phone calls, e-mail, voice mail, texts (SMS), and social media messages. They also respond to correspondence for all the live shows. No longer isolated, viewers can now reach out to Al Hayat counselors without fear of reprisal or retaliation by others through the anonymity of these modern communications.

In addition, Al Hayat Ministries collaborates with the multiagency Global Response Management System and other organizations to connect callers and inquirers with people in their own countries for face-to-face meetings—ultimately helping seekers become believers and helping believers become disciples.

With the power of God, Al Hayat Ministries is capable of influencing thousands through these innovative types of media, therefore profoundly changing their lives forever. Al Hayat Ministries have been able to help viewers make a clear beginning. Countless people from a Muslim background can now hear the truth—the majority for the first time—and evaluate the claims of Christ in the privacy of their own homes.

Invest in Al Hayat TV

Even one dollar can make an eternal difference!

Production costs and airtime fees to broadcast a one-hour, live show on Al Hayat TV is approximately $8,000. That hour-long program reaches a minimum of 16 million people per month. Every donation counts:

  • $1 will reach 2,000 people
  • $100 will reach 200,000 people
  • $1000 will reach 2,000,000 people

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