Brother Rachid

Rachid 175Born the son of a Moroccan imam, Brother Rachid began attending mosque with his father at age four. By age six, Brother Rachid had memorized over one-sixth of the Qur’an. As a young adult, he continued his studies at Hassan II University in Casablanca. There, he fortuitously heard a Christian radio broadcast that launched him on a determined quest to prove the superiority of the Qur’an over the Bible. What he discovered instead was the deceptive nature of the Qur’an and the truth of God’s Word.

Today, Brother Rachid is among the very few courageous souls who openly challenge Islam. As host of the Al Hayat television program, Daring Question, he boldly yet respectfully discusses the errors inherent in Islam and shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ. On an average week, his cutting-edge program is followed by 50 million viewers throughout the Middle East.

Brother Rachid is also the author of the recently released book, The Miracle of the Qur’an: Study and Analysis. Presented in Arabic, this masterful study, backed by extensive research and scientific fact, explores the so-called linguistic miracles in the Qur’an.

Brother Rachid’s unique background, education, and research, coupled with his skills, training, and experience as a public broadcaster, make him an exceptionally qualified speaker on a variety of topics concerning Islam.

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