Brother Waheed

Ashraf 175Brother Waheed was born in Sudan to a strong, loving Christian family. He completed his university education first in Sudan, earning a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and, later in Egypt, a master’s degree in Theology and African Studies. 

Today, with his unique educational background and extraordinary knowledge of both the Bible and the Qur’an, Brother Waheed is the ideal host of Al Hayat’s powerful television program, The Guide. This program uses a comparative approach to Christian and Muslim topics. His popularity and influence rank among the highest throughout the Muslim world because of his work on this much admired and widely viewed program.

Brother Waheed also applies his exceptional speaking skills and comprehensive knowledge to teach online college courses on the Old Testament.

An Arabic-speaking presenter, Brother Waheed is a seasoned educator and an ordained minister who can clearly and completely address the many questions listeners ask him concerning Christian theology, biblical doctrine, and Islam.

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Invite our speakers to give educational seminars to inform you about Islam and equip you for evangelism in the Muslim community. Our speakers are compelling, relevant, and knowledgeable, fully capable to address a variety of key Islamic topics:

  • Personal testimony as a former Muslim
  • Introduction to Islam, the Qur’an, and Muhammad
  • Muslims in America and the world
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