Internet TV

Al Hayat Ministries has established multiple Web sites, social media, and blog sites to facilitate interaction with its ministry and its viewers. Al Hayat’s Internet ministry focuses mostly on live streaming of programs, MP3 audio and podcasting episodes. It also posts original articles on its Web sites and Facebook for viewers, in addition to answering questions and addressing comments from the public.

Both the English and Arabic Al Hayat Web sites offer evangelism and training materials, including downloadable Bibles. On average, more than 2,000 Bibles along with over 2 million teaching material files are downloaded each month.

Al Hayat Ministries makes Al Hayat TV programs available on the Internet sites, with over 300 hours of TV programs each month. Every day, people e-mail Al Hayat with powerful personal testimonies of how God is moving in their lives after viewing these programs. Many desire to discuss religious topics through e-mail and other electronic means.

Visitors have downloaded from the various Al Hayat Web sites more than 1,000,000 video files of program episodes and have watched 5,000,000 episodes streamed online.

Al Hayat Ministries is passionate about making all this media easily accessible, grateful and thankful that God’s message can reach and touch so many viewers, and humbled to witness an average of 130 salvations every month.


Reaching Muslims for Christ
Exposing Islam

Al Hayat Ministries is ECFA Certified

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