Gospel for All Nations

4Tracts 165This series of evangelistic tracts introduces and explains key beliefs of Christianity specifically to Muslims. The objective of these tracts is to remove any misconceptions or misinformation about Christ and His Word and communicate God’s truth, message, and salvation.


These tracts, printed in several languages, are available in bulk quantities or discounted assortment packages. For more information, please visit www.waterlifepublishing.com.


101 03 Final Flat#101 | Where Does Christ Say, “I Am God, Worship Me”?
During a spirited telephone call, a Christian and a Muslim imam debate the divinity of Jesus Christ by discussing Christ’s own words as recounted in the Gospel. What examples prove divinity?


102 03 Final Flat#102 | Do Muslims Believe in All Prophets?
True belief in the biblical prophets means more than in their existence; it means a complete, uncensored belief that does not selectively ignore, dispute, or reject any of their words and teachings.


103 03 Final Flat#103 | Was Christ Crucified? Or Someone Else?
The truth of Christ’s crucifixion is examined by comparing pertinent text from the four Gospel books and the Qur’ān and evaluating the evidence they present, using standard investigative practices, to identify the crucified person.


104 03 Final Flat#104 | What Is the Meaning of Christ the Son of God?
This central Christian doctrine—that Christ is the Son of God—has been grossly misrepresented by nonbelievers. The relationship of Christ and God is spiritual, eternal, and inseparable—not biological.



105 03 Final Flat#105 | Do Christians Worship Three Gods?
A Christian explains to a Muslim friend the Oneness of the Trinity: God and His Word and His Spirit. Christians believe in only one God, but a comprehensive God, as identified and described by Christ in His teachings.



106 03 Final Flat#106 | What Does “Christ, Word of God,” Mean in the Qur’ān and Holy Bible?
Though both the Qur’ān and the Bible refer to Jesus Christ as God’s Word, they provide different meanings for this term, differences with consequential ramifications regarding the nature of Christ Himself.



107 03 Final Flat-copy

#107 | Where Does the Qur’ān State That the Bible Is Corrupted?
Muslims charge that the text of the Bible has been corrupted because of alleged distortions of its text by others and cannot be viewed as a sacred book. What verses from the Qur’ān support this extremely serious accusation?


108 03 Final Flat-copy-copy#108 | Is the Gospel Four Books or One?
The Gospel of Christ is not a particular book but His message, or “good news” to His people. The Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are simply four corroborative accounts of Christ and His Ministry.

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