Brother Rachid

Rachid 175Born the son of a Muslim imam in Morocco, Brother Rachid memorized one-sixth of the entire Qur'an by age six. He attended Hassan II University in Casablanca, where he studied economics and computer science. Rachid holds a bachelor's degree in Comparative Religions and is currently working on his master's degree in Terrorism Studies. A careful self-study of the differences between Islam and Christianity led him to take correspondence courses for four years. This education, in turn, led him to give his life to Jesus Christ in 1990.

While in his homeland, Rachid began a project to translate the Qur'an into local dialects. He found that more than 80 million in the Arab world do not truly understand what the Qur'an teaches because they hear it in an old, classical dialect of Arabic, which they do not speak. Rachid firmly believes that the more Muslims clearly know what the Qur'an states, the more their eyes will be opened and they will leave it. For the past six years, he has been leading a project to translate the Bible into the Moroccan dialect. 

Since 2005, Rachid has hosted television shows that compare Christianity and Islam, including 55 taped episodes of Unveiling the Mask and nearly 400 live episodes of Daring Questions. Rachid’s deep knowledge of both faiths enables him to boldly challenge false beliefs with wisdom, love and respect. Daring Questions features dynamic testimonies of Muslim-background believers and gives followers of Islam the opportunity to ask questions about the Christian message through lively on-air phone calls. The program also exposes the plight of oppressed Christians in Muslim countries, refutes misconceptions about Christianity, which are often perpetuated by major media outlets in the Middle East, and fearlessly tackles other controversial topics. Christian converts share their testimonies on the 90-minute show each week, and thousands of viewers have called the program’s live prayer line or visited its several Web sites—many to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

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