Sister Katia

Katia-175Sister Katia was born to a Christian family in Lebanon. Life there was both unpredictable and dangerous, filled with daily bombings, shootings, and killings. As a result of growing up in a war zone, death became her constant companion and greatest fear.

In 1990, Sister Katia became a resident anchor for one of the television stations in Lebanon. While attending their daily chapel services, she began to feel the Lord’s hand working in her life.

In 1997, Sister Katia relocated with her family to pursue a master’s degree in journalism, hoping to provide a safer and more secure life for her daughters. Upon graduating, Sister Katia started working for a Christian organization where she was given the responsibility of researching and developing a Web site designed to reach Arabic-speaking Muslims and provide them with the opportunity to ask questions about the Christian message. Through this ministry, a deeper sense of compassion grew in Sister Katia’s heart, especially towards Muslim women and their plight and suffering under the Islamic sharia law. Having grown up in a Christian household, where she was respected and able to live her life and make her own decisions, Sister Katia had never realized the extent of the oppression that Muslim women faced on a daily basis.

When given the chance to host a women’s show called Without Shackles, Sister Katia saw this as a great opportunity to minister to women in the Middle East. Her goal is to help women discover for themselves the salvation, freedom, joy, peace and strength brought about by God’s unconditional love, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. Her prayer is that her show will enable every woman to walk in truth and light. As these women gradually learn and understand this truth, they will come to realize that God’s plan for them extends to their daily lives, helping sever the shackles of oppression and unworthiness that have subjugated and blinded Muslims throughout their lives.

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