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In Africa and the Middle East, over 48 percent of the people are Internet users and nearly 39 percent are mobile phone subscribers in 2014 (Internet World Stats, Statista). Within the developing countries in these areas, one can see satellite dishes everywhere—on tops of buildings in a city or roofs of huts in the desert.

Al Hayat Ministries, through its multisatellite television channel, is successfully reaching out to these peoples in their own homes by harnessing the power of today’s technology to eliminate fear, apathy, and ignorance by challenging the minds and touching the hearts of those who engage with Al Hayat TV programming. Every month, Al Hayat Ministries produces 300 hours of programming available to its viewing audience. Its fourteen Internet sites allow users to access its television program videos, receive materials, post comments, and e-mail questions. Al Hayat’s Prayer Line volunteers respond and minister to interested viewers and callers reaching out for support, guidance, and referrals for personal meetings with other believers.

Now, more than ever, Muslims around the world—in the privacy of their own homes—have the opportunity to hear the message of Christ, the freedom to ask questions and discuss concerns with caring, knowledgeable counselors, and the courage to come to a personal faith in Christ.

Besides proclaiming the gospel of Christ abroad through technological means, Al Hayat Ministries also works, through more conventional methods, to educate church groups, organizations, and local communities in America about Islam, the issues and struggles of Muslims, and outreach in local Muslim communities. For these audiences, several hosts of Al Hayat TV’s most popular programs can be invited to speak on a broad range of topics related to Islam and Christianity. Their personal histories, professional background and experience, extensive subject knowledge, and stimulating presentations make them invaluable contributors to and authorities on today’s critical discussion about Islam and Christianity’s response.


Reaching Muslims for Christ
Exposing Islam

Al Hayat Ministries is ECFA Certified

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