The Guide

The Guide, known for its comparative approach to Christian and Muslim topics, is captivating audiences globally. In this program, Brother Waheed and Sister Fadwa provide their viewers with sound doctrine and thoroughly researched answers to some of the most challenging questions regarding Christian and Muslim topics.

Brother Waheed and his wife Fadwa form an excellent team to host this weekly live show. They discuss a variety of controversial topic comparing verses from the Bible and the Qur’an.

During each program, Brother Waheed accepts outside calls from several Muslims, who present him with extremely complex questions. Brother Waheed gently refutes their accusations and claims, while, at the same time, leaves them with a new awareness concerning their faith and doctrine.


  Hosts    Brother Waheed | Sister Fadwa   
  Length    90 Minutes
  Language                  Arabic 
  Episodes    Weekly 
  Time    Mondays | 7 pm GMT  


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