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These powerful booklets are an excellent introduction to readers who are unfamiliar with Islam or the Qur’an, because each booklet can be read as a stand-alone study focused on a particular topic on this religion and its holiest book.

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The Qur’ān: Its View and Treatment of Non-Muslims traces how Islam’s view and treatment of non-Muslims have negatively changed over time by its application of directives in the ninth chapter of the Qur’ān, considered the basis for Islam’s perception, value judgments and dealings with all other religions and their followers.




Women-In-IslamWomen in Islam: Honored or Persecuted? discusses how the Qur’ān, the source of all personal status laws in Islamic countries, gives men supreme authority over women, and rulings prescribing fewer privileges and options for women in such matters as marital and legal rights, inheritance, and the afterlife.




Taqiya Small Transparent 165Al-Taqīya: Deliberate Deception examines the principle of taqīya, or dissimilation, and its inherent application in the Islam world. Characterized as “double-speak” by one critic and lauded by Shiite scholars as the “believer’s paradise,” the practice of taqīya since the time of Muhammad has profoundly impacted Islamic politics, culture, and society.




The Sword Verse BookThe Sword Verse: Qur'ānic Weapon Against Peace? investigates the obvious conflict between the pacifist and warlike verses in the Qur’ān and how the abrogation of the earlier Meccan pacifist verses eventually colored the words and actions of Muhammad toward non-Muslims from tolerance to fanaticism, from tongue to sword, from peace to war.

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