Who Are We?

Al Hayat Ministries, a dedicated team of people from Muslim and Christian backgrounds, desires to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Christ, respectfully yet fearlessly unveil the deception of Islam, and empower believers from Muslim backgrounds to fulfill the Great Commission. 

MBBs to Broadcast to Muslim World

Al Hayat Ministries had a vision for a television channel exclusively dedicated to broadcasting Christian programs into the Muslim world. In 2003, Al Hayat began translating, dubbing, and broadcasting programs into the Arab-speaking world. From those beginnings, Al Hayat ("The Life") was born. Today, Al Hayat TV is a 24/7 Arabic Christian satellite television channel, established through a partnership of Al Hayat Ministries (formerly Keymedia) and other Christian media organizations. Its unwavering vision is the production and broadcasting of Christian programs by mostly MBBs for all Muslim audiences, enlightening them about the deceptions of Islam and transforming them with the love of Jesus Christ.

Birth of Al Hayat Ministries

Other Christian ministries partnered with Al Hayat Ministries in 2006 by supporting Al Hayat TV with needed funding and resources to expand its programming and operation. With this assistance, new programs were introduced to present the Gospel to different Muslim audiences in a variety of formats. Word of this new and enhanced channel, Al Hayat TV, spread like wildfire in Muslim communities.

Today, Al Hayat TV daily broadcasts five weekly, 90-minute live shows. Its monthly viewing audience is estimated in the tens of millions. Muslims everywhere can now hear the message of Christ, ask questions, and come to a personal faith in Christ in the privacy of their homes. Al Hayat TV is a critical, important Christian voice in the Muslim world!

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