Dr. Rafaat Amari

Dr amariDr. Rafaat Amari was born in Jordan in 1943, but he did not meet the Lord as his personal Savior until 1964 while reading the New Testament in Arabic and studying medicine in the city of Padua, Italy.

In time, Dr. Amari felt the call to begin ministering within the body of Christ and began preaching in various Christian Evangelical churches in Jordan. Unfortunately, he was eventually imprisoned for two days after sharing his faith with Muslims. He was warned by the secret police that if he was caught evangelizing to Muslims again, they would present him to a military court where he would face a long-term jail sentence.

Dr. Amari felt he could no longer freely evangelize to Muslims in his own country of origin. Before long, the Lord put it on his heart to immigrate and begin a major evangelistic effort towards Muslims from an outside country. In 1989, Dr. Amari, his wife and five children immigrated to the United States.

While living in the United States, Dr. Amari continued his travels to different countries, especially in the Muslim world. He conducted prayer conferences throughout different regions, where he trained coordinators on how to set up prayer and evangelistic home meetings in order to evangelize to Muslims.

After twenty-five years of in-depth research, Dr. Amari obtained an immense and scholarly knowledge of Islam. Dr. Amari learned about the religions of the East at the time of Muhammad, while revealing exact origins of the Qur'anic verses.

Dr. Amari is a weekly guest on Facts, a popular program aired by Al Hayat, that explores the historical mistakes of the Qur’an. Thousands in the Middle East as well as other counties view this widely respected show. At the end of Facts, Dr. Amari dedicates five minutes to explain a prophecy about Christ in the Old Testament and its fulfillment in the New Testament.

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