Malek Meselmani

Malek MeselmaniTill early 2010m, Malek has lived his entire live in the Muslim milieu of the Middle East and understand firsthand how Islam has impacted the minds and culture of Muslims in this part of the world. As a scholar and historian who has extensively studied early Islam, he is extremely knowledgeable regarding the historic sources of the Islamic religion that inform the thoughts and actions of today’s militant Muslims.

Equipped by his personal background and experiences and sixteen years of exhaustive research and reflection, He has written and published a sizable body of scholarly work on the history of Islam.

The purpose for all his writings is to examine the negative impact of early Islam on the modern Muslim world, refute jihadist ideology, and encourage intellectual enlightenment in Arabic societies.


Arabic Books and Studies in early Islam

  • ‘Omar Ibn al-Khattāb: The Hidden Biography. Latakia, Syria: al-Hiwar, 2006. 302 pp.
  • The Birth of the Islamic State: From the Capture of Mecca until the End of Wars of Apostasy. Latakia, Syria: al-Hiwar, 2001. 227 pp. [Published prior to the tragedy of 9/11]
  • “Reading On Surah Daybreak and Surah Men.” Annaqed (“The Critic”). 29 June 2008. <http: show.aspx?aid="16095">.</http:>
  • “Paradise from a Muslim Perspective.” Muhammadanism. 28. Aug. 2006. <http:>. [First published: Annaqed (“The Critic”). 22 Aug. 2006. Web. </http:>
  • “Hell from a Muslim Perspective.” Muhammadanism. 20 Mar. 2007. <http:>. [First published: Annaqed (“The Critic”). 16 Mar. 2007. Web.</http:>
  • “Troubles in Muhammad’s House: Surah At-Tahrim 66‎‎.” Muhammadanism. 8 Apr. 2005. <http:>. [First published: Annaqed (“The Critic”). Apr. 2005. Web]</http:>
  • “The Mosque of Dissension: The Political Crises on the Eve of the Expedition of Tabuk.” Muhammadanism. 4 June 2004. <>. [First published: Annaqed (“The Critic”). 3 Jan. 2000. Web]
  • “The Path of Islam to Universalism.” Muhammadanism. 4 June 2004. <http:>. [First published: Annaqed (“The Critic”). 3 Jan. 2000. Web] </http:>

English Study in early and contemporary Islam

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