Sister Amani

Amani 175Sister Amani’s journey to freedom in Christ is a compelling story of faith, hope, and courage. She credits the hand of God for her miraculous escape to the United States from the Middle East, where she was born into an Islamic Egyptian family. Even so, Amani and her children, all practicing Christians, were relentlessly pursued and terrorized in their new adopted country by Muslims from their homeland and were forced to live their lives as fugitives for years.

Today, Sister Amani is producer and host of the highly popular Al Hayat television program, The Muslim Woman. As the first Christian television program specifically targeting Muslim women in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula, it now reaches 300 million households globally with 50 million actual viewers per live program. This program reaches out to Muslim women as well as Muslim Background Believers (MBBs), giving them a forum to discuss many issues important in their lives.

In addition to her regular appearances on The Muslim Woman, Sister Amani has shared for over fifteen years her personal story and extensive knowledge about Islam, Muslim women, and related Middle Eastern issues via radio interviews and television programs and has presented educational seminars on similar topics at churches, organizations, foundations, conferences, and universities.

Sister Amani knows firsthand the suffering inflicted by the tyrannical hand of Islam and can speak directly and personally from a woman’s perspective about the plight and “second class status” of Muslim women in Middle Eastern countries. Her experiences and her subsequent studies give her the wisdom and authority to talk to her audiences not only about the particular issues and predicaments of Muslim women in the Middle East and in the West but also broader concerns regarding the role of Islam in current events around the world.

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