As Christians, we can use technology to bring about ETERNAL CHANGE in the hearts of Muslims throughout the world. Through the innovative use of emerging technologies such as Christian satellite television, the Internet, social media, and mobile phones, change is taking place in the world.
Consider these statistics:
  • The world is home to 7 billion people, one third of whom are using the Internet
  • Of the world's Internet users, 45% are below the age of 25
  • Over the last five years, developing countries have increased their share of the world's total number
    of Internet users
  • In developing countries, 37% of the people are Internet users

Al Hayat Ministries is taking advantage of this technology. In 2014 alone, Al Hayat Ministries received over 12,662,100 messages and comments through social media, answered over 192,700 e-mails, and handled over 51,200 telephone calls. 

Because of the size and scope of the Internet, Al Hayat Ministries is able to reach around the globe. With this ability, we hope to eliminate fear, apathy and lack of knowledge and replace it with awareness, enthusiasm and a renewed passion for all God's people. So, how can we do that?

Social Media

During the past several years, the use of social media in Arab, Muslim-dominant countries has continued to grow and expand with the concurrent rapid rise of mobile phone.... Read more

Satellite TV

In places where technological advances are not as prevalent, it is common to see apartment buildings, houses, and other places of residence with satellite dishes on the rooftops.... Read more

Mobile Phones

People all across the world use their cell phones to view video clips and interact with social media sites like Facebook. Our program streams generate approximately 60,000 Facebook.... Read more

Internet TV

Al Hayat Ministries has established multiple Web sites, social media, and blog sites to facilitate interaction with the ministry. Our Internet ministry focuses mostly on.... Read more

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