Social Media

During the past several years, the use of social media in Arab, Muslim-dominant countries has continued to grow and expand with the concurrent rapid rise of mobile phone subscribers in both Africa and the Middle East. In 2013, social media accounted for 88% of Internet use in Turkey, while the world’s highest percentage of Internet users active on Twitter lived in Saudi Arabia (Internet World Stats).

Al Hayat Ministries continuously reaches out to communicate and interact with these social media users. Its program streams generate approximately 60,000 Facebook interactions monthly and its servers receive almost 2.7 million page views through its Web sites every thirty days. In 2014, over 12,662,100 messages/comments were received through our social media.

Imagine the empowerment a listener feels with the ability to simply reach out and interact with someone who can identify with him or her personally. 

With the power of God, Al Hayat Ministries is capable of influencing thousands through these innovative types of media, profoundly changing these lives forever.


Reaching Muslims for Christ
Exposing Islam

Al Hayat Ministries is ECFA Certified

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