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To the sons and daughters of our Father Abraham throughout the world, the sons and daughters of Ismael and Isaac, the beautiful Hagar and the beloved Sarah:

We come together to unite the divided sons of Abraham, but how?
What is it that can bring the children of God together?
What is it that can change hearts and renew souls?
How do we find the source of great peace, mercy and love?
What is it that can unite the heavens and the earth?
What will reconcile man with himself and man with his brothers in humanity?
To what does the human race offer its praise, thanksgiving, and love?

In the same way that the prodigal son returned to his father after a period of being lost, Ishmael returned to the bosom of his father, Abraham.  Similarly, we return to the bosom of Christ, Savior and God, who exists before the creation of the world. 

He came to save the feeble and heal the broken-hearted.
He came to call the lost and free the captives.
He came to comfort the sorrowful, to replace mourning with joy. 
He clothed us with praise in the place of a downcast soul.
He came to build up neglected strongholds and renew destroyed cities. 

Through His witness, we are now free, healed with peace and love, even though as sons of Ishmael we neglected, avoided, denied and battled against Him. Still He found us and calmed us, had mercy upon us and sanctified us. 

You brought us back to the bosom of the Father, much like the lost son unites with his mother. You are the ship of salvation to the one who is drowning. Therefore, You have crowned us, the sons of Ishmael, with the privilege to testify through the simple pages of this book our love for you, and our submission and acceptance of you and all your ways.

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